97 poets of Revachol (ENG)

Basic information
Date:19. - 22. September 2024
Type:Outdoor larp (Fantasy)
Number of participants:97
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La Cage. A dilapidated building next to Boogie Street. Encumbered with the past, the former hospital is now wheezing with decay. Today, it is reputed to be one of the worst tenements in the whole city of Revachol. For its inhabitants, the half-crumbled walls are both a prison and a refuge — but there is still life here. The heart of the building beats to the rhythm of anodic music.

Immigrant families far from home, penniless students of Mazovian socio-economics with bleak futures, shady gang members, and those who merely try to put food on their family tables. All together, squished under one roof.

Every day they toil to scrape by. When food is scarce, dreams must sometimes be sacrificead and eaten to survive. But in this waist-high cesspool of poverty, there is not only despair but also solidarity. An unusual piece of happiness in everydayness. Some seek solace in family, faith, art or a plan on how to turn
their life around once and for all. Others nurse feelings of injustice and gather courage for radical action. Amongst it all — the Unseen voices of their inner fears and desires roam, ready to play their insidious games.

In the next few days, this community will experience not only the mundanity of everyday life. It will be complemented by undertones of the surreal, a microcosm teetering on the edge of revolution. La Cage’s various ideologies, disputes and life decisions are a prismatic mix, fizzling and ready to burst at the seams. But until that happens, everyone will do their utmost to simply exist. Because even in a broken place, life is worth living.

Signup will start in December of 2023. If you want to follow the developments around this larp or be notified when signup starts, please subscribe to our news by entering your email in the box below.

The first signup period will run for two weeks. All sign-ups made during that period are equally valid. During the sign-up, you can either pick and prioritise roles you would like to play or suggest what you would want to experience in Revachol, and we will suggest some casting choices for you.

The Unseen will have a completely different sign-up running at the same time. Since their play is more focused on manipulating other characters and creating drama, not living through it, you need to sign up separately to play one of them.

After the sign-up period ends, we will distribute the roles based only on your choices. If there are more people interested in the game than we will be able to take in two runs, participation will be determined by lottery, with an option for a few spots attributed, for example, to people helping run the game. Players will have option to signal they are uncomfortable playing with somebody or think somebody is not safe to be at the event.