Legion: Siberian story, 26th run

Basic information
Date:27. February - 1. March 2020
Type:Outdoor larp (Historie-jiná)
Number of participants:56
Other information:18+, Hra vhodná pro nováčky, Hra vhodná pro zkušené,
City:Železný Brod
Registration information
Participation:Nutné podat přihlášku

Legion: Siberian Story tells stories of war, homeland, heroism, and people in a time of crisis. It is aimed not only at those interested in the time of the First World War, but also at everyone who wants to experience strong stories of everyday people.

Legion is a high-production historical larp by the Czech association Rolling. The game's story is set in Siberia in the time of the Russian Civil War in a unit of volunteers, separated from their army and forced to march through a no man's land to get to their countrymen and maybe also finally home. The players will take roles as fictional Czechoslovak Legionnaires and the civilians who joined them.